ERICA: artificial intelligence for embryo selection

ERICA is the most advanced artificial intelligence system for the ranking of embryos in IVF in the world. Its Deep Learning algorithm has reached a success rate of up to 92.5%, surpassing any other method used before by embryologists.

With ERICA, the lab of your fertility center can provide your patients with the best chance of positive Beta pregnancy test.


Current success rate*

*This percentage updates regularly utilizing real-time data from ERICA rankings all over the world.

ERICA sees what the human eye cannot

The ERICA system makes a precise and extensive analysis for transfer viability of each embryo as it has never been done in the history of assisted reproduction.


The success of a fertility center resides in its capacity to detect the healthiest embryos that have the best chance of implantation in the uterus.
The ERICA system makes a precise analysis of more than 20 parameters for each embryo, many of them invisible to the human eye.


ERICA analyses the results of each embryo and ranks them according to their viability, from the fittest to the least viable. This way, both doctors and patients learn, with accuracy, their real possibilities to reach a positive beta pregnancy test.


ERICA greatly eases the job of the embryologist, since it detects the most important parameters for each embryo from just a few pictures or photos. ERICA compares these pictures with its large and ever-growing database of cases collected through the years to learn and improve its accuracy in a smart way.


Traditionally, an embryologist uses a 3-parameter frame to determine the viability of an embryo, while ERICA analyses and ranks more than 20 different parameters, most invisible to the human eye. This allows for a much more robust picture of the health and viability of each embryo.


ERICA’s algorithm is inspired in the neural architecture of the human brain, with many interconnected layers of nodes that not only communicate information but also learn and evolve from experience, standardizing processes and improving the quality of any lab that uses it.

Incorporate ERICA into your lab and advance your practice to the next level

When you incorporate ERICA to your lab or fertility clinic, you will improve your success rate in embryo transfer, increase your positive beta pregnancy tests and solidify the trust of your patients, who will be more than satisfied with your results.

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