Standardize the quality of your lab with ERICA

ERICA is the artificial intelligence system for assisted reproduction that will bring more stability and consistent service quality to your lab or fertility center. Thanks to its rigorous analyzing process of study and selection of embryos, your embryology team will be able to offer your patients the best and more transparent results.

Why choose ERICA for my lab or fertility center?

Improves your prediction capabilities

Makes the decision process easier

Saves time and human effort

Standardize the quality of your processes

Increases the transparency you have with your patients

Improves your success rate

How do I implement ERICA into my lab?

Implement ERICA into your lab is simple and soon you will improve the efficiency of your in-vitro procedures.

ERICA training begins by entering 50 to 80 pictures of embryos with known results so that its algorithm begins to determine their differences and similitudes.

Once the information is entered, ERICA performs tests against known results and makes adjustments automatically according to her previous experience.

Your embryology team enters the data and pictures of embryos of their patients through an easy-to-use web app in which data such as cycles, number of embryos and patient history. ERICA performs a thorough analysis and ranks the embryos according to its viability, allowing the embryologist to choose those with more chances of a successful implantation.

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